Harbor app is a local e-commerce based app that let users to buy, sell, deliver and collect items locally. I was responsible for entire research, design and component library that had to conform with flutter widgets for both iOS and Android.


My research focused primarily on user personas, empathy maps, competitor analysis and market research to understand our competition, what features they offer, what fees they charge and figuring out which core user types to focus on targeting.

I started by drawing a simple diagram and initial wireframes to prepare layout, features and components.

For UI design, I used Sketch, After Effects and ProtoPie for creating icon animations and prototypes.

2020 - 2021

Design & Component Library

The component library was one of the biggest tasks to manage as I had to design and lay out the library for every single style and component that had to conform to flutter and create separate widget symbols for smooth development and widget library maintenance.

Widgets included colors, text styles, buttons, header bars, tab bars, states, icons, etc.