I was hired by AKQA and VISA to design app concept for Nationwide bank with 4 different user journeys. It's a travel money saving app for young adults that allows them to set, track and manage their spending to reach their financial goals.


I had a really tight deadline to deliver all of the user flows and screens, so me and another designer immediately jumped into gathering all of the app requirements, mood boards and researching ideas for our visual brand identity, including features we wanted to introduce. Once we were happy with the direction, we focused on different parts of the app and jumped straight into wire-framing and designing all of the key screens for the entire app to come together.

Nov 2019

UI & Delivery

For the user interface to shorten the time, I took an existing UI kit that would be used as the foundation for our component library and completely gutted it inside out with our own components that enabled us to collaborate fast, efficiently and stay consistent. Requirements were to deliver the concept app inside a presentation with screen mockups for every journey that was going to be pitched for Nationwide by VISA and AKQA.