Polar was a dating app that took advantage of the story format invented by Snapchat that could compete with Tinder where instead of user images, you would swipe user stories. In order to keep stories new, users had to create a new story before swiping that would expire in 24 hours. When users wanted to swipe again, they would need to create another story.


This solves 3 main problems;

  • This approach destroyed the possibility of fake accounts and catfishing
  • All people you swipe are actually active users
  • You see people as they are, without any filters or old photos of themselves 10 years ago.

To make user stories are done correctly, the camera will only work when the user’s face is recognised. We would introduce machine learning that would learn to recognise NSFW and automatically prevent these stories from going live into the swiping area.

Dec 2016 - Mar 2017


After figuring out how the app will function, I designed our first MVP for user testing and feedback to iterate and eventually move on to development for iOS.

To create a story, you'd follow normal story format steps and once user creates a post, it will be taken to swipes section to start swiping and matching with people.

To create a prototype I used Flinto. I exported all of the screens from Sketch, designed custom reusable interactions and animations and linked all of the screens together. The prototype was used a guide for the developers to mimic all of the transitions and animations.