I was hired by a client to redesign a work in progress accommodation booking website through a chat bot tailored for families as a main selling point. My task was to redesign the website for responsive web, desktop and mobile from the ground up while keeping and adding new functionality, gathering UX requirements from the rest of the team and supporting development team with assets, new screen designs and reviews.


The design process had been started completely from scratch. First, starting with the Skye AI chat bot, that would give users answers and accommodation results based on their answers and chosen preferences.

I decided to focus on a more universal design, that could work across any screen size and still feel native to each platform while working with text styles, colors and illustrations to define the brand's look and feel. The biggest challenge was figuring out the checkout process/navigation that started as a full chat screen and had to seamlessly transition to accommodation results with specific preferences and then be able to easily checkout and book.

July 2020

Responsive Design

Each screen for both desktop and mobile had to be designed separately. First starting with desktop main components, such as header, footer, bars, body components and buttons to determine how the primary and secondary navigation and states will work and later on how these same components will translate to mobile. In most cases all of the components can be designed in a way that can be easily resized, while more complicated ones with unique use cases need to be optimised separately each device, so it can be automatically swapped in real time based on screen size dimensions.