One of the most exciting NFT projects on Solana ecosystem created for Hadeswap NFT marketplace. Website was created for the ABC community to showcase project's mission, traits, rarity and underlying utility behind the project.


The website was designed in Figma, Illustrator and After Effects. Website had to be mobile first and desktop later, so responsive design was a key priority to ensure that users can easily find and access social links, rarity and content easy to read.

The design process was split into discovery, research, layout and interface design.

For discovery, we started with bare project requirements and researching required site sections and content based on user needs. Then moved on to moodboarding and collecting layout, content and visual ideas. Once the best approach was curated, we began creating wireframes, responsive grids, designing layouts, creating colors, text styles and components.

After having key layout and component library in place, we began focusing on visual design based on collected references. Illustrator and After Effects were used for visual design and animations.

ABC Community
Sep 2022


The website was built on Webflow to ensure faster website launch and to be able to access CMS, make quick website or content changes. The site is fully responsive and works on all screen sizes.