DeFi RiderZ

DeFi RiderZ is a P2E Cyberpunk inspired racing game and platform on Polygon blockchain. Watch your favourite influencers play and compete live, make bets, enter races and win prize pools. Create your own races to compete with friends, lease, buy and upgrade your vehicles, win prizes, manage your inventory and much more.

User Research

The goal of the game and the platform was to leverage existing blockchain technology and gamify the platform where users can play to earn and bet by racing with other players in various tracks and levels, create their own races to compete with friends or host events, build their cred, join factions and lease or buy vehicle NFTs and upgrade vehicle parts.

As well as introduce a social element with the likes of Twitch and Kick and tap into the live gaming community where users can watch their favourite influencers play and compete in real time, be able to make bets on their favourite players before races start and make tips to the prize pool during the games.

Besides the gameplay, the UX for the platform was broken primarily into 3 parts: Requirement gathering, market research on competition, existing players, streaming platforms and creating wireframes for desktop and mobile before designing the UI.

DeFi RiderZ
DeFi RiderZ
02 / 2023

Brand Identity and UI

This was a concept remake for an existing client we did a project for. With a different spin and brand focused on the cyberpunk theme, as well as different ux that includes the social element around live-streaming and racing.

We brainstormed and created the brand name "DeFi RiderZ", as well as the logo and took inspiration from Cyberpunk's existing in-game UI to get the results we desired. All of the visual assets have been generated using Midjourney V4 (such as wallpapers of the vehicles and game items). While UI and components have been designed in Figma.