The goal was to enhance the existing user experience and UCD with new and updated features around traders and collectors looking to list NFTs, provide liquidity and instantly sell NFTs via liquidity pools. As well as significantly improve the user interface with new styles, typography and components.

UX Research

For user research we focused on researching existing marketplaces, what features and tools they offer that could improve discoverability of collections, nfts and lp pools, as well as improve filtering and simplify usability of all key features when it comes to either discovery, buying, selling, sweeping, withdrawing earned fees or creating/managing pools. Then moving onto creating layouts, wireframes, grid and finalising UX for user interface design and design system.

12 / 2022

User Interface & Design System

For user interface, we researched a lot of various layouts, styles and brainstormed on creating unique signature original designs that could make Hadeswap standout from the rest of competition, such as pool items and thumbnails, pool page, nft page and nft collection pages, filtering, as well as the check out and nft sweeping experience.

A complete component and style library was also created, so the platform could be efficiently expanded, re-used and modified as the platform evolves.