Cora chat bot for Natwest's mobile banking app. Manage your card, pending transactions, faqs, report fraud, change your address, pay someone, make account changes, cancel direct debit and much more.


We were tasked with redesigning an old outdated chat bot in the Natwest's mobile banking app using Natwest's new design system, look and feel. Components included new chat navigation for web and mobile, light/dark mode, buttons, carousel cards, checklist, date and appointment pickers, statements, dropdowns, automatic messages, chat prompt, chat state management and chat windows for web.

Publicis Sapient / Natwest
Nov 2020 - Jul 2021


All of the newly designed components had to be tested with real natwest customers where we had to build a clickable prototype for both web and mobile covering all of the core chat features and new components. Once usability issues were sorted, we signed off the components by the stakeholders and head of design. Delivery of final components had to be integrated using Abstract into Natwest's design system and their foundation docs.