Niantic Yeti

Niantic Yeti, this first-of-its-kind browser-based technology connects the real world with the digital one by anchoring WebAR content to locations and enabling virtual objects to interact with the space they are in. Which gives users new reasons to explore the world around them.


The goal was to design a brand new app that allows users to interact with the real-world environment in AR based on user stories and requirements provided by Nexus Studios. The key user flows and features included ‘Doty Appleseed’ ‘Tourist Trap’ ‘Ball Toss’, ‘Walkabout’, ‘Snowball Fight’, and ‘Build A Ship’. 

Nexus Studios / Niantic
Niantic Yeti
April 2021


Since there were special branding requirements for app components, look and feel, we started by researching and creating mood boards on various games like Animal Crossing, Vikings and Tearaway Unfolded. The plan was to design all of the key screens, steps and features based on requirements and user flows provided while working closely with Nexus team to update our designed components into illustrative ones by Nexus artists that would be later built in Unity.